History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a millennia old practice of inserting very fine, solid, metallic needles, akin to the whiskers of a cat, into specific points on the body for the purpose of cultivating health or eliminating symptoms. Chinese doctors identified and mapped the locations of more than 800 specific acupoints, of which approximately 100 are used. They are similar to electrical circuit breakers or switchers capable of regulating or balancing circulation and energy flow throughout the body. Recent electromagnetic research has confirmed the locations Chinese scholars mapped over a period of thousands of years. It is one of the oldest, simplest, and safest forms of healthcare in the world.

Chinese Acupuncture is often considered to be the foundation of acupuncture as it represents the gradual accumulation of observation, recording and testing over 20 centuries. It is one of the oldest most remarkable evolving historical traditions in the world of medicine still practiced and taught today.

The roots date back long before the age of recorded history. Most historians believe the origins of Acupuncture are an unsolvable mystery, not unlike how the pyramids were built or why Stonehenge was constructed. Acupuncture was born during a very mysterious age when several ancient, high civilizations made incredible advances that baffle us to this day, despite our technological advances.

Some believe that our ancient predecessors were much more in tune with nature and that they had more of a balance between their physical and spiritual worlds. However, over a period of years of evolution, we humans overemphasized the physical world and offset the balance, thus losing touch with our spiritual nature.

The history and philosophy of this ancient art and science has created a solid foundation of clinical experience and empirical knowledge that validates both its safety and efficacy and is responsible for a discipline that is as highly developed as the conventional biomedical model of the western world. It has been proven that this ancient technique helps resolve many ailments common in modern society. However, here in America, this deeply insightful, complex system of medicine is relatively little known by laypersons and the mainstream population. Unfortunately, the lack of accurate, objective information is responsible for the ignorance and under-utilization of Acupuncture by the general public, which deprives many of us of the potential health benefits.