What is Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine?

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine encompasses a complete system of medicine that includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Medicinal substances, Moxibustion (the warming of Acupuncture points by burning mugwort and other dried, aged herbs on or over acupoints, the other primary modality derived from Japanese and means (“burning herb”), Cupping (the placement of cups using a vacuum to increase warmth and promote circulation), Gua Sha (vigorous scraping on the skin surface to facilitate the circulation of Qi and blood, Meditation, Breathing and Movement Exercises (QiGong, TaiQi,), Therapeutic Bodywork/Massage (Anmo (Acupressure) and Tuina), and Nutritional and Dietary Therapy. All are designed to facilitate our body’s  innate ability to function more efficiently to promote healing, longevity and remove obstructions that result in imbalances and pain.