Herbal Patch Therapy

Based on the Chinese medicine theory, there are 14 meridian channel pathways in our body for the QI(energy) to flow through and there are also 14 corresponding meridian channels on our hands. When imbalance occurs in the meridians to a certain extent,  the Qi stops flowing freely (flowing too fast or too slow and sometimes causes stagnation or congestion), then symptoms such as pain, numbness, swelling, insomnia ensue. However, when the Qi in meridians becomes balanced, all symptoms of disease will be dissipated. 

When An appropriate Chinese Medicine diagnosis has been made, according to medicinal properties and color, customized herbal patches can be applied topically on specific meridian areas or points that can effectively balance the meridians and successfully treat a variety of maladies. 

The most unique thing about herbal patch therapy is that patients with aches, pains or uncomfortable sensations will feel better immediately.

If the patient feels uncomfortable after the Herbal Patches are applied, the practitioner will remove them and the discomfort will dissipate very quickly. There is no need to be concerned about any potential side effects. It’s safe and very effective. 

Commonly treated conditions by Herbal Patch are as follows: